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I just remembered the episode where Itachi-san died. I rewatched the episode and I cried. It was just too depressing. Even though Itachi was thought to be bad before, the truth was he just loved his brother too much and sacrificed his life. Another depressing thing was he was suffering from his illness and still continued. I couldn't take it and I was touched to the extreme. Itachi was one of my favorite characters and he just died. I was hoping he would have a truce with Naruto and fighting along side him but he had to die. =____= Why does all my faves always die, that includes Deidara, Konan and Sasori of the Red Sand as well. The only one left  that is still alive is Kiba... *sighs*

I've been away for three days in LJ I think because I had work and was extremely tired and also we went to this Aquarium Park the whole day so it was fun and I was thinking of Squalo and Kisame while staring at the Sharks.
I was laughing evilly in my mind. I hate myself, I'm thinking of deleting my Kiba fic until there are more Naruto episodes and Chapters. If my imagination will give me ideas I would try to make another fic while updating my KHR fic 'Intertwined with the Aloof Cloud' because my ideas about it give me more inspiration two publish it in FF.net.

I'm so glad, I'll be drawing my comic entitled 'Chrono Arcana'. It's about a young boy who can tell the future using Tarot cards, one day he meets a girl who was fighting a being called 'Death Bringer' they were demon like monsters after Arcanas based on Tarot Card Arcanas. The girl was using an Arcana of the Moon and protected him because the being decided to attack him. The girl was able to defeat the monster with the boy's help because of his... (Sorry but if I continue it would be a DAMN spoil if your gonna read my comic, dane)

I think the only good thing that happened to me is I was extremely badass now in MH3 Portable the game I was playing in my PSP. I'm going to the Perth City Convention to go to the AnimeCon there on the 29th January. It's my first time going to a Con in another country because I usually go to AnimeCons in the Philippines. I'm kinda scared because this is my first time going alone but with some friends only by myself...such a scaredy loser, I became. I'm forgetting something really important that I was planning on typing but damn I had to forget it, I guess I'll just post it next time.

I grew to hate Madara for making Sasuke get revenge on Konoha. That *%^&$#@ fool.
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09 January 2011 @ 03:51 pm


I'm back here and will definitely be staying in LJ, I tried reviving my blogspot account but it was too frustrating due to HTML codes and I was used to BBcodes by then because of Gaiaonline. I could never stop eating sweets and its a proven fact! I just love Strawberry Cakes and Mango Parfaits. I'm allowing myself to eat sweets but I can only eat one serve. I'm controlling my sugar intake for I get too hyper when I eat these very heavenly delicacies. Anyways I'm so happy, I already have a tablet. I got it one month ago from my aunt. I'll post some fanarts here in LJ, Nya~ More on my fandom like ChronaKid, KHR and Starry☆Sky . Since it's summer here, it's really quite hot and many people are going to the store I work at to buy food. The bad thing about our store during summer is its VERY close to the beach. So many people from the beach go to the store. TT___TT
Its a good thing my mum doesn't want to go to the beach because it's too hot, how about 40 degrees. I don't like sea salt, no that was wrong I HATE it. That's better. So I'm working three shifts a week for a new phone and a laptop. I want an Iphone 4 so badly. I'm so lame and pathetic. I'm so random, I type what's on my mind. Yup, yup I'm drinking milk so I can get taller, will that work or should I just give up.
I can't think of a gift for my friend and it's even harder because he's a dood. I'm planning on giving him a sketch pad, etc or a manga which is Naruto because he loves it. Damn, it's hard. I miss sempai and peeps from the country where I used to live, which is the Philippines. They're gonna have summer vacation this March and I'm studying that time because we have school already!!! Speaking of school I'll be back to school on the first thursday of February, I don't know which that day is. I have so many things undone. My fanfics, requests, fanart, my journal layout =....=  and the last most important thing, READING REBORN. Someone throw something at me~ *Hibari smashes head with tonfa* Mou, I didn't mean that! The last chapter I read of Reborn! was the start of Hibari's fight which is Reborn 319. If you've seen the extra Reborn page. Hibari made a new design for Shounen Jump's logo. It was hell funny. Pfft the hairstyle was EPIC! The Varia comic was funny as well the Varia members were asking Xanxus for help and Xanxus through a very explosive bitchfit at them. Ahahahahaha... Gintama, Soul Eater and D.Gray Man needs to be updated. * _____ * Allen why are you jailed?
Nya anyways, so I bought an external hard drive for my files so I can download the other StarrySky games which is Spring, Autumn and Winter because I have the Summer ver. I'm downloading as well each episode...to make icons. I guess that's it. I need inspiration. People are expecting me to update my fic 'Intertwined with the Aloof Cloud' an Alaude fic. I have to update with my dying will. I love my new theme StarrySky much?
Mikkun is out see ya again next time, Aru!
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08 March 2010 @ 04:32 pm
Ciaossu everyone~

What a boring day! Our Italian test was canceled and will be resumed on Friday! Yeah! but that doesn't mean I'm gonna study for the test. Lolz I can't wait until Friday! KHR is being updated! I've just noticed, Why is Hetalia 50 and 51 not shown yet! or am I just late all the time...
In the Philippines it's almost Summer Vacation while I'm here studying and it's autumn. I can't think of anything to post (=,=)" I drew another drawing again and it was my two OCs in a D.Gray Man Guild in gaiaonline. Speaking of gaia it's been a long time since I was online for a very long period of time. I wish I already have a tablet!!! Damn~ I want to post something on my DA account. I changed my mobile phone theme and it was a Belphegor theme! The theme was really cool it has Fran, Bel and the Varia. My classmates told me again that my drawings makes their drawing crappy and I'm like Uhhhh... Many people likes to compliment my drawings! They always say it's really pretty and I'm damn flattered Mou!!! Lolz I can draw a sexy Fran and Hibari~ Kyah!! (Lussuria's better in doing that!) Anyways Happy Birthday to my cousins girlfriend, Ate Jaezell. She is awesome too! She likes Final Fantasy and she kicks a**!  So cool
 (> w <)O Happy Birthday Ate Jae!!!!

That is all~

With Random Love~

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05 March 2010 @ 09:46 pm
Ciaossu everyone! This is my second post, OMGEE and it's dedicated to one of my closest friends, Ange-chan because it's her birthday today. It's my first time not greeting her personally through my own words. I miss you Ange. Your so nice, cool and smart. I should repeat the last description SMART, she is smarter than me. LOL Happy Birthday Ange-chan! I miss you and the others a lot > w <
It's been 1 or 2 months since I last updated my entry. I would like to thank you so for my uber awesome sempai, Danni-sempai for helping me a lot these days and I am so grateful to her! I just read the latest Katekyo Hitman Reborn Manga, Chapter 270 The Last Blow and I feel like Reborn is coming to an end. I think Akira Amano is finishing the manga. I really liked the story of Reborn, It made me like Italian and Mafia. XD My mind towards it will never be the same again... I'm ending this entry with this >>>>  "Cauz I'm a Prince!"

OxOxO ShieRenaNinaTrishAngeVaneMiks OxOxO 

Well that's it! I know it's short but I don't have time now for a long entry, Gomenasai!
Maybe next time! Loves you all~ <3
I'm sorry if it's random
I really need to go or I'll be killed~ verbally
I'm thinking my post is really weird and it might turn out to be a death message something, something

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23 January 2010 @ 08:25 pm

Ciaossu! ~
My first post, nothing to say and nothing to do.
So I'll just say something random.
I love my layout, Xerxes Break and his Creepy Hawt smile.
I just ate the last piece of Black Forest Cake and it's all gone.
I read the latest Bleach and Katekyo Hitman Manga, yesterday.
I wont spoil, so just read it yourself.
I always ask myself, why do I always get a writer's block?
So now, I'm thinking of ideas for my fanfics.

Sayonara Minna-san! Ohohohoho...

I'm staring at a picture of Yamamoto Takeshi, blushing.
OMG he's blushing. It's so kawaii desu!
I am pissed off because I hate the new system on my PSP.
I hate the 6.10 version <3
Listening to Rie Tanaka's Raison D'etre.
Chobits is one my first anime along Rurouni Kenshin.
Aww, What a cute 589 moment! BartzSquallZidane!
I love Blueberriez, desu!

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